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Archimedys™, an innovating ice transport solution


Archimedys™ used for ice transport.

Ice is usually used to pack so-called perishable foodstuffs. Everyone has seen trays filled with ice at fishmongers’ to make sure the fish stays fresh.

Industries that process large amounts of fresh produce also produce very large volumes of ice. Ice production machines can make ice in different forms: cubes, crushed, blocks, etc.

On packaging lines, ice is essentially moved from one station to the other using Archimedes’ screws. However, the steel screws used for the process are suspended by intermediate levels which can cause jamming. The functional gap between the screw and the trough also deteriorates the ice cubes. Another issue that is difficult to solve is the clumps of ice that then stick to the steel screw.

Our modular Archimedys™ Archimedes’ screw solution gets rid of all those issues. The ice does not stick to the coils, thereby preventing clumps of ice from forming. Furthermore, screw construction without intermediate levels guarantees continuous flow all along the screw. The screw rests at the bottom of the trough, generating next to no ice cube deterioration. This is an important issue, because the ice quality must be faultless to come into contact with liquid foodstuffs.

An increasing number of refrigerated machine builders and operators are choosing our Archimedes’ screw solution.

 Archimedys™ and its many benefits

Main advantages of this new technology are the need for quick handling by maintenance personnel, quick installation, and recovery of existing elements. Equipped with a simple and compact design, the Archimedys™ auger is lighter than a steel auger. This greatly facilitates its installation. The auger is simply constructed, without any welding, by assembling standard modules directly on site. Moreover, if damaged, modules are replaced in case of accident. They are then put back on the axle without having to replace the whole auger.

The techno-polymer, used for its manufacture, has a high corrosion resistance. Its abrasion resistance is often three times higher than steel.

Easier maintenance

The Archimedys™ advantages for maintenance are innumerable. Only the damaged modules are replaced and put back on the axle, not the whole auger. Maintenance operations are very simple and quick. Maintenance costs and times are reduced, as are operating losses due to downtime.

Archimedys™, a technological revolution!

The benefits of the modular Archimedys™ screw are such that an increasing number of industrials are choosing to abandon steel for Archimedys™.

Modular auger Archimedys™ received the “Prix de l’innovation industrielle” in 2011

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Feel free to contact us if you require more information. We design and produce the mechanical parts needed to install or adapt an Archimedys™ screw to your installations.

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