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Metallic chips transport with Archimedys™


A Canadian based company produce by machining large quantities of metallic parts. This manufacturing operation generate a large amount of small metallic chips.

In the production lines, these chips are evacuated by conveyor belts. Handling is not so easy as chips are sticky due to the lubricant used in the process. Cleaning of belt is not simples and maintenances cost are high due to numerous cleaning operations.

The most suitable solution if the use of an auger. Our customer has tested classic steel screw and it doesn’t work due to material stacking. Steels screw break. Our partner in Canada, Modulex Solution, has proposed a screw conveyor based on our solution Archimedys ™.

The first prototype with a normal screw design face similar issue. First, modules had memory shape effect and the screw sell repairs after several clogging. The setting up was not easy but with modular design of Archimedys™, we were able to find and validate the screw profile able to handle such difficult products.

As you can see on the video, chips are gently transported, and no abrasions issues occurs.

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