Standard solutions to build your tailor-made solution

3 different materials

Archimedys™ augers exist for different environments and can be identified by their colour code:

Archimedys™, industrial use (U1)

Modules for industrial uses

Archimedys™, food use (U2)

Modules dedicated to food use

Archimedys™, use explosive environments ATEX 20 (U4)

Modules for explosive environments

6 different diameters

A wide range covering bulk handling needs:

Diameter 50 (2”)

Diameter 76 (3”)

Diameter 102 (4”)

Diameter 150 (6”)

Diameter 230 (9”)

Diameter 304 (12”)

Archimedys™, complete assortment

4 types of standard modules

The Archimedys™ range includes 4 standard modules from diameter 50 (2”) to diameter 150 (6”) and 2 modules from diameter 230 (9”) to diameter 305 (12”).

You will find a termination module (TRH), a conveyor module (MRH), a feed module (MRH half) and a flange (FRH) to build a screw adapted to your needs.

Archimedys™, complete assortment

6 screw configurations

Archimedys™, configurations possible

Adapt the module assembly configuration to your process to obtain the ideal screw profile Archimedys™


The shafts are mechanical standards available from your usual supplier. They constitute the augers’ core. The standard length is three meters and the long augers are made by connection with a machined key. The steel grades are : Steel C35 and Stainless steel 304 L. All other steel grades are made on request.

Archimedys™, axles

On request, we can produce the tile shafts, pins, keyways and other mechanical parts necessary for the screw motorization as well as any other mechanical part necessary for the conveyor construction.

The shafts are available in different sizes, adapted to different diameters:

Correspondence axles – modules table :

Archimedys™, end side sleeve

Tracking shaft

Archimedys™, motor side sleeve

Drive shaft


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