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Archimedys™ for a concrete preparation plant in Denmark

View of the salt loading area of the conveyor Archimedys™

Archimedys™ installed in a concrete preparation plant in Denmark

One of our customers, a specialist in concrete preparation, called upon Archimedys™ to solve a transport and corrosion problem in a concrete preparation station.

Salt packed in 25 kg bags is emptied into a suitable hopper. It is raised to a height of 4 m by a series of two 45° inclined conveyors in cascade and misaligned.

The problems associated with a steel auger are disappearing

The modularity of the Archimedys™ principle made it possible to adjust the profile of the conveyor to avoid blockages when transferring the material from the loading hopper and without using intermediate bearings over the 10-metre length of the conveyor.

The Archimedys™ auger adapts perfectly to the type of configuration. The polymer used in its manufacture has a high resistance to abrasion, often three times higher than that of steel. It is then possible to make long conveyors without intermediate bearings.

With its simple and compact design, the Archimedys™ screw is lighter than a steel screw. The installation of the conveyors on the roof has thus been made easier… The auger is simply constructed, without any welding, by assembling the standard modules directly on site.

Improved maintenance!

On the maintenance side, the advantages are also considerable! Indeed, only the damaged modules are replaced and put back on the axle in case of wear, and not the whole auger. Maintenance operations are therefore very simple and quick. Maintenance costs and times are considerably reduced.

Archimedys™, technological revolution!

The advantages of the modular auger Archimedys™ are such every day that industrialists decide to abandon steel in favour of the Archimedys system. It is truly a technological revolution that we are witnessing in the transport of bulk products.

View of auger conveyor in the cement processing plant

This project was carried out in Denmark by Jesper Christiansen, one of our partners. www.jce.dk

Do not hesitate to contact us contact for any information. We carry out the study and the realization of the mechanical parts necessary for the installation or the adaptation of a Archimedys™ screw on your installations.

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