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Archimedys™ for the transport of sliced potatoes


Archimedys™, solution for the transport of sliced potatoes

One of our customers, a Finnish company specialising in potato preparation, has chosen Archimedys™ in order to improve its production. The company was experiencing problems during the potato cutting operation. The sliced pieces tended to pinch and crush between the turns of a steel auger and the trough used to convey them. Archimedys™ was used to reduce the rate of waste produced, which in some cases was as much as 20% of the volume transported. Thanks to the self-supporting effect of Archimedys™, the modules behave like scrapers. In this way, they allow for the gentle transport of potato slices. The waste rate is now virtually zero. Archimedys™ has saved our customer time and money. All he had to do was install an Archimedys™ auger into an existing conveyor. The project was carried out on 230 diameter (9″) augers over a length of five meters.

Archimedys™ developed for other uses

The augerArchimedys™ allows to eliminate the problems encountered with the use of classical Archimedes’ screws. Noise, wear and tear and cleaning are eliminated. Depending on the nature of your activity, the Archimedys™ screw can be optimized since our concept is entirely modular. We help you to calculate easily the size of the screw that will meet your needs. We have developed three types of polymer screws that can be identified by a code color:

  • Red for the industrial sector
  • White for the food sector
  • Black dedicated to transport ATEX 20

Archimedys™ , technological revolution !

The advantages of the modular auger Archimedys™ are such that every day more and more industrialists decide to abandon steel in favour of polymers. This is a technological revolution that we are witnessing in the bulk sector.

If you would like to know more about our polymer auger Archimedys™, we invite you to contact us without further delay. We accompany you in all your projects by offering you the equipment best suited to your activity.

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