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Archimedys™ chosen for the recovery of organic waste

Archimedys™ in hopper
Archimedys™ in hopper

Archimedys™ equipped with methanizers for waste recovery

Archimedys™ has been chosen by specialists in green energy to equip their installations. Owning a waste recovery unit, they have developed biogas production systems. Biogas is the result of the fermentation of organic waste and then, is recovered to produce heat, electricity and vehicle fuel.

The management of organic waste is currently a growing challenge for all companies in all sectors of activity. Companies in the food industry produce a large amount of organic waste, which needs to be treated. Traditional methods to remove waste by external companies for treatment have shown their limitations, both financially and environmentally. This is why the idea of treating this waste at the place where it is produced to transform it into a free source of energy has gradually emerged.

Problems related to a steel auger fade away with Archimedys™

A traditional steel auger has too many disadvantages in this context. Wear problems appear as a result of corrosion, abrasiveness of the material and its tendency to compact under loads. Maintenance is made very difficult because it’s impossible to repair the steel by welding. When the auger is damaged. it’s also not so easy to repair or replace worn areas.

Therefore, Archimedys™ adapts perfectly to the situation. Installed at the bottom of the hopper, it has many advantages. With its simple and compact design, the Archimedys™ auger has a lighter weight than a conventional steel auger. The result: simplified installation and quiet operation!

In addition, the special geometry of the Archimedys™ modules allows operation without intermediate bearings.

Furthermore, thanks to its modularity, in case of wear, only the worn module needs to be replaced and not the entire auger! Maintenance costs are considerably reduced without welding or operating losses due to prolonged system downtime.

Finally, it should be noted that the material used for Archimedys™ has a high corrosion resistance. It can therefore be used in abrasive environments.

Archimedys™, technological revolution !

The modular auger Archimedys™ is a real technological revolution. It was awarded the “Prix de l’Innovation industrielle” in 2011.

Indeed, the advantages of the Archimedys™ modular auger are so many that more and more industrialists decide to adopt it! Many industries use auger technology for their bulk material conveyors. It’s therefore truly a technological revolution that we are witnessing in the conveyor sector!

We carry out the study and the realization of the mechanical parts necessary for the installation or the adaptation of an Archimedys™ auger on your installations. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information

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