About us

Archimedys™ was born out of a need expressed by the world leader in towed harvesting machines. The aim was to solve a problem in the manufacture of Archimedes’ screws used for transporting and sorting grapes. The objective was to find a modular solution, based on polymer materials, reliable and very economical to adapt different screws to the sorters.

Exventys, a specialist in industrial innovation, has developed a screw concept that presents no risk of damage to the fruit and ensures the highest reliability in service.

From idea to realisation

A study of existing world patents in the field showed that no solution had been found to enable a modular Archimedes’ screw to ensure a sufficient level of performance to be industrially exploitable under severe service conditions.

This is the result of the great difficulty in obtaining a piece with polymers that have a high mechanical resistance and a shape that guarantees the transmission of a significant force without loss of performance.

Exventys has structured the innovation process and has proposed a solution to the customer, integrating all the expressed and non formalized specifications.

The price of the screw is divided by ten compared to the original solution and the level of performance obtained exceeds all expectations.

Thanks to the TRIZ method and 3D printing, Exventys has proposed, tested and industrialised in record time a solution to resolve all the technical contradictions linked to the use of a polymer screw for the transport of powdered products.

Discover all the other applications on the Exventys website.

From the prototype to the development of a complete range

One of our customers, a global leader in the manufacture of vibrating floors and a specialist in the transport of powdered products, has very quickly detected the potential of the Archimedys™ system in the industry. He has contributed to the definition of a range of standard modules for the construction of Archimedes’ screws in kit form.

In France and around the world

The commercialisation is now assured since 2010 through a worldwide network of technical distributors. Archimedys™ is present wherever the need for simplicity, efficiency and performance is required for the transport of your products.


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